Braided beauty

Peace and blessings everyone, a blessed month of Ramadan to all!

This style of headscarf is fantastic for evenings or days where you want to be a little more glamorous. To make this particular look, you will need two shawls of approximately the same length. The colours do not have to be identical, but I do advise to look into colour coordination. These particular shawls are shiny cotton shawls which adds to the glamour of it all.


STEP 1 – Tie shawl A around your head, making sure that it is Braidedcentred
STEP 2 – Take shawl B and place it on your forehead to make a headband
STEP 3 – Tie shawl B behind your head (TIP: if you make the tie below the tie of shawl A, it will secure both shawls tighter)
STEP 4 – Take one end of shawl A, pin it behind your ear
STEP 5 – Pull that end in front of your chest, and pin behind your other ear
STEP 6 – Continue wrapping your scarf behind your head, and pin behind the first ear
STEP 7 – Take the three remaining shawl ends, 1 end of shawl A and 2 ends of shawl B and pull onto one side
STEP 8 – Braid the 3 ends together (TIP: secure with an elastic with no metal clasps, no clasp at all is preferable, in order to keep from pulling threads)
STEP 9 – Pull your braid over the top of your head, secure in place with a straight pin.



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