Breezy Bohemian

Peace and Blessings everyone!

This look requires a shawl, this particular one is made of stretchy lace. Any shawl could be used though, to really accentuate the bohemian look of it, use a cotton scarf and add a small head band around your forehead.This style does require to be tied onto something; while an under-scarf is usually the go-to I usually try to keep it light and use a large fabric head band instead. It allows my head and hair to breathe.


STEP 1 – Place the scarf on your head at one end of the scarfBreezyBohemian
STEP 2 – Secure the edge of your scarf behind your ear with a straight pin
STEP 3 – Ensure the scarf lays flat on top of your head and secure it behind your other ear
STEP 4 – Bring the longer length in front of your chest, adjust to your particular preference
STEP 5 – Place the longer length on your head
STEP 6 – Secure at the desired length with straight pins


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