Two easy square scarf styles

Peace and blessings everyone!

Square scarves are widely available the world over and used in a number of different styles. Here are some simple styles using a square scarf which can be replicated with most any square scarf! These styles can be done with or without an under-scarf though I advise wearing one if using slippery fabric such as silk.2square


STEP 1 – Fold one corner onto the middle of the square
STEP 2 – Place the fold facing forward on your forehead
STEP 3 – Pull the scarf tightly around your face
STEP 4 – Pin the scarf under your chin

STEP 1 – 4 of Square Scarf Style #1
STEP 5 – Take the right strand, pull it across your neck, to the back of your head and then tuck the strand in the front
STEP 6 – Repeat with the left strand the opposite way
STEP 7 – Tuck any pieces left into the collar


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