Braided Bun

Peace and blessings,

Due to the requests from patient and family members of patients undergoing Chemo therapy, I have decided to focus on Dutch-style scarf types which are preferred by people who live Alopecia (hair loss) caused by genetics, illness or Chemo therapy. (See Tips for Covering Hair Loss [Alopecia])

This style uses two square scarves, pinned onto a cotton tube under-scarf.


STEP 1 – Fold square scarves in halves, forming a triangle; placing the edge centred on the forehead.
STEP 2 – Place the two scarves an inch from one another and pin both onto under-scarf.
STEP 3 – Pin all the sides at the nape of your neck. (Note: Preferably using a safety or scarf pin)
STEP 4 – Separate the edges of each colour on different sides.
STEP 5 – Braid all ends of each colour (or mix 2:1) and tie with hair elastic.
STEP 6 – Twist down the top colour.
STEP 7 – Beginning towards the bottom and wrap the top colour around and pin to the bottom.
STEP 8 – Pulling towards the top, wrap the bottom colour around and pin.

Beautifully braided


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