Les tomates mûres | Ripe tomatoes

Je n’ai jamais été une enfant difficile à nourrir  Comme la plupart, j’ai essayer d’éviter les croûtes de pain à une certaine époque et je ne suis toujours pas amatrice de macaroni au fromage — que voulez-vous je suis une enfant bizarre. Mes aliments favoris ont toujours été et seront toujours les légumes et les fruits, de préférence frais du jardin, sauf les tomates. Je haie les tomates. Ou devrais-je dire j’haissais les tomates? Ma grand-mère avait l’habitude de faire pousser des tomates dans des pots sur son balcon. Ses tomates, elle nous les apportaient lors de visites. J’aime énormément ma grand-mêre et ferais n’importe quoi … Continue reading Les tomates mûres | Ripe tomatoes

Picture perfect memories

Shortly after returning from my grandmother’s funerals, I received news that a wonderful woman, a woman I called “Mom #2” most of my life was terminally ill. I turned around and travelled back to my family to spend time with her. This woman… is the picture perfect of the wife, mother, friend and neighbour that one can hope to become. I know many of you think you know people like her, but I have never, in my life, heard anyone speak about a woman the way everyone around speaks of her. She was my age when she married a hard-working … Continue reading Picture perfect memories

Broken hearts can love too!

Jumping on a trampoline “Hate is only a form of love that hasn’t found a way to express itself logically”. -Lil’ Wayne My family’s love for one another is both dysfunctional and unconditional. Those you love the most can also hurt you the most and you can hurt most those that you love. That is a sad reality of life. However, at this tender moment, I would like to focus on the love that I showed to and was shown by my paternal grand-mother. This strong woman with a tender heart and life-consuming problems. Playing with my cousins and myself … Continue reading Broken hearts can love too!

A mother’s love

Witnessing my father holding his mother’s hand at the hospital as she suffered multiple organ failure, I couldn’t help but think of the love family members have for one another. Love, even with family, it’s messy, it’s hard, it’s up and it’s down. There is no way to avoid it, with great love comes great emotions of every kind. Regardless of the words we speak or the actions we do in anger and in hate, that love is unconditional. It may be awkward, it may be silent, it may be difficult and painful, but it is love. This unadulterated love … Continue reading A mother’s love

Life as it "should" be…

I reconnected recently with a acquaintance from a few years back. As we shared what had become of our lives, she was in awe at where I was in life. In her words my “life is discernally different than what [she] assumed it would be”. I usually don’t bother myself too much with people’s opinions (those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter) but this person is someone I shared with, once upon a time, deep thoughts and secrets about my dreams, ambitions and goals, etc. So her words rang true and deep within my heart and … Continue reading Life as it "should" be…