Organizing 2018: Bullet journaling for better spirituality [iman]

Before putting anything on paper, I wrote down various pages I wanted to create. Then I broke them down by categories: Monthly spreads, weekly & daily spreads, general trackers, Islamic trackers, project trackers. Continue reading Organizing 2018: Bullet journaling for better spirituality [iman]

Ramadhan Plan 2017

Time and times again, I have made elaborate plans for Ramadhan in the hopes that I would be led spiritually.

So here I am, soon be celebrating 5 years as a convert to Islam and my 8th Ramadhan since I first attempted the practice in 2009. … Continue reading Ramadhan Plan 2017

Living on the wire

I moved to a new town at the beginning of September after a very short notice. Settling oddly into my new town, I expected to use the cyber space as my only link to the world I knew; a world vastly different than the one I moved into. I know this “new” town very well; I moved away from it 6 years ago. In those 6 years, i obtained a university degree, made friends from every corner of the globe and accepted a religion viewed much more negatively than the one I was brought up into. I love this new … Continue reading Living on the wire