Hijabi Punk

Peace and blessings!

I just moved recently to a new town. This “new” town is in fact where I spent most of my teenage years, many of which dressed in black clothing as a goth. So I decided to try to create a goth/punk style hijab. I decided to try and attempt a faux-hawk hijab style. This is a style accomplished with a ninja under-scarf and a square scarf, enjoy!


STEP 1 – Fold your square scarf in half, creating a triangle
Tutorial 52STEP 2 – Place the fold of the scarf centered at the nape of your neck
STEP 3 – Wrap both ends of the around the head and tie above the centre piece
STEP 4 – Separate the three ends of the triangle
STEP 5 – Braid the ends together in a straight line
STEP 6 – Fold the edges near the forehead
STEP 7 – Flip the braid towards the back of your head
STEP 8 – Secure with pin at the forehead
STEP 9 – Ensuring the braid is straight on your head, secure the braid at the back of your head



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