Total Sweetheart

Peace and blessings everybody,

As some of you may know I spent the first two weeks of February at my mother’s and while I visited my mom and I cleaned through some of her and my old things. That included a *lot* of hair clips which neither of us currently uses. So I took it upon myself to find a style which would incorporate barrettes into a beautiful hijab style. This is what I came up with: a beautiful asymmetrical look which offers lots of coverage. The benefit? This requires no pins, and only one shawl provided you have the barrette available!

Total SweetheartSTEP 1 – Put the shawl on your head a little off centre (not quite 1/3)
STEP 2 – Take the slightly shorter end of the shawl and pull one edge of the fabric to the back, this should make a semi-triangle on one side
STEP 3 – Take the slightly longer end of the shawl and pull it across your chest slightly twisting the fabric by using the lower edge and bringing it to the top
STEP 4 – Pull the side on the longer end into a small loop of fabric near your ear
STEP 5 – Wrap that loop of fabric inside the triangle of fabric of the shorter end
STEP 6 – Use a barrette or any other hair clip to hold both pieces of fabric together near the top of your jaw


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