Jeweled headscarf

Peace and blessings everybody,

So I’ve mentioned jeweled scarves in Scarves: Shapes, sizes and types (Oh my!) and I’ve been asked how to style them. There’s a number of different ways but this particular styles is quite fashionable and provides good amounts of coverage.


Jeweled headscarfSTEP 1 – Place the headscarf with the center jewel in the middle of your forehead pulling one side to the back covering one half of the head
STEP 2 – Pull the second side to the back ensuring to cover the other half, double layering in places to make sure there is no gap
STEP 3 – Pin the upper layer at the nape of the neck, on the side, equal to the bottom of your ear
STEP 4 – Pull both ends of the shall towards the front of your chest
STEP 5 – Take the layer pinned at the top and pull it across your chest, pin behind ear
STEP 6 – Take the bottom layer and drape it somewhat on the side, pin above upper layer


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