Folded fun

Peace and blessings everyone,

I’ve been wearing this style quite a bit lately and I thought I would share the magic behind the style. This style works wonders on some of those variant weather days (freezing cold in the morning, mild during the day) which are so common on Fall and Spring days. All you’ll be needing is one viscose shawl, an under-scarf, a volumizer OR a high pony tail and about a dozen straight pins.


tutorial #30STEP 1 – Put the shawl across your chest, as evenly as possible
STEP 2 – Cross both ends of the shawl behind your head
STEP 3 – Take the shortest end of the shawl and flip it over your head on an angle, secure with pins
STEP 4 – Take the longest end and flip it over the other side on an opposite angle
STEP 5 – Fold the shawl in the middle, on an angle, and secure with pin
STEP 6 – Pull fabric of the shawl forward to create a fold over the previous layer
STEP 7 – Fold the second layer over, on an angle and secure with pin
STEP 8 – Pin all folds together to the side
STEP 9 – Bring the end to the back and secure

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