Folds of love

Peace and blessings everybody!

As some of you know, a week ago, I finally pronounced my devotion to Islam. I did it in front of friends in a beautiful Forever 21 dress and my “Folds of Love” hijab. What you’ll need for this style is 1 shawl, 1 under-scarf, and 11 straight pins. I added the Basic Scarf Bun for volume underneath as well. This particular shawl is made of stretchy fabric but it can be done with nearly any shawl.

STEP 1 – Place your under-scarf on your head (in this case, I have placed it over the Basic Scarf Bun which I used for extra volume)
STEP 2 – Place the scarf on your head at one end of the scarf, with just enough length to the short end to reach the back of your head.
STEP 3 – Secure the scarf on each side at the back of your head
STEP 4 – Fold the front edge of the scarf
STEP 5 – Pinch the scarf to create a fold about an inch away from the edge
STEP 6 – Secure the fold on both sides with straight pins
STEP 7 – Repeat step 5 & 6 to create 3 to 4 folds at the top of your head
STEP 8 – Take the long end of the scarf, create folds (following the folds from the top of the head will look the best)
STEP 9 – Pull the folded long end in front of you, then behind your head
STEP 10 – Pull the end through the hoop created on one side of your head
STEP 11 – Unfold the scarf and bring on top of your head
STEP 12 – Fold the edge of the second layer of scarf, and secure on each side with straight pins


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