God and community

When I first started learning about Islam, I expected there would be no community of Muslims that would welcoming me and my strange background partly in the Queer community, partly as a small-towner from a French Acadian Catholic community. Oddly enough, I was able to find Muslims for Progressive Values: a group of like-minded Muslims and non-Muslims welcoming of one and all or so I thought. I find myself drifting away from that community, now that I find they are much more activists than I was looking for in a religious community. I also find myself longing, for the first time, for a religious community.

I was never attracted to organized religion. I always found that the relationship between an individual and God is better lived individually. Societal problems only occur when we begin to compare our religiosity to others or leave others to define “faith”, “goodness” and “evil”. Most of what I find wrong with religion, is the mob mentality created by relgious organizations. Of course, those are not the traits I miss now that I am removed from religious communities, what I miss is the sharing of ideas, of ideals, of hopes and dreams with other God-minded people who wish not to dictate but to welcome my perspective on religion, politics and love.

Is it always that within any group, most of their members must conform with the same ideals to be a true community? I want to live a life enjoying the simple pleasures of life and being greatful to God for creating such pleasures! I want to share my gratefulness with members of my community, and I want them to share with me the greatness of God that they witness in their daily lives. I know the world is not perfect, but I wish to discuss God’s perfection rather than people’s imperfections or worse, destruction of God’s work. I am grateful for the plentitude of God’s love and if someone out there is as grateful as I am, I would like to share with you.

Thank you.


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