Holier than thou…

I cannot even begin to explain how much I hate when arguments arise about the legitimacy of one religion over another. Let’s agree on this: everyone who follows a religion believe that their religion is the “better” religion… otherwise why would they follow it at all?

Most religions follow the same basic principles of doing good rather than bad. Which means, all we are really arguing when arguing about religion is what is our definition of “good” and “bad”. That lays in much deeper than belief in the after-life, karma, or reincarnation. Religion is, afterall, a way to dictate a way of living in righteousness and all of them lead to punishment or reward sooner or later, whether in this life or the next.

Now, there are some who don’t believe in religion, don’t beleive in a higher power, don’t believe in an afterlife. THAT’S FINE!!! They still hold basic principles of what is right and what is wrong. Everyone has a moral baseline within themselves and refusing to attribute it to a deity doesn’t make that person any more right or wrong. The argument can always be made that many religious leaders have abused of their powers to do what most of us would consider “bad” things, while I’m sure many atheists have lead perfectly righteous lives worthy of reward in many faiths: who cares if they don’t need to believe in a reward to aim at doing good!

I am often faced with questions about faith. I have turned to Islam but still keep many of my Christian traditions. Which faith do I like best? Why? There is no answer to give you. I have found a communtiy where I feel accepted, understood, appreciated and I do not ask to be given the name Muslim or Christian, but simply believer. I believe. And if one day I chose no longer to believe in one deity, one God, then I will still be a believer. A believer in righteousness and good deeds.

So next time you want to ask me about my faith, please ask me “what good deeds were you able to accomplish through your faith?” and I will be glad to elaborate. As far as which faith is better? I beleive that having faith is better than none, whether it is faith in God, faith in humanity, faith in goodness, fairness, life; faith has many forms and many targets, but faith definitely should be had.

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